Holding it down!!

So this weekend was a little off. We had planned on goin to do the wall on Sat. and then going to the ATD bbq. Then head over to my cousins b day dinner thing. In the end I wound up being a horrible freind and even worse cousin. I had a blast! No, but on the reals, I hope everyone understands that we had something to prove at this wall and we took it very serious. Needless to say, we repped for the brothers that had Life to deal with. BIG UPS TO PAZ, RUSER, and BIG AER’S!!!          



About tuctheworld

Family means everything!! The rest is irrelevant. . . .
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2 Responses to Holding it down!!

  1. AerOner says:

    DAMN! Killed it!

  2. PEACEeternalLASTING says:

    those lil mini chari’s are kinda crazy g! and your lil mini peices are POPS!

    you already knoW!


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